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Passerelle Execute

Provide your workers with real-time information, guidance, and support to help them complete tasks more accurately and efficiently.

Reduce errors and improve safety, particularly in industries such as manufacturing, where precision and attention to detail are crucial.

So why wait? Take the first step in improving your workforce today by exploring digital work instructions platforms and finding the right solution for your organization. Our platform offers AR capabilities, VR capabilities, remote assistance, or step-by-step instructions, the benefits of implementing a digital work instructions platform can be significant and long-lasting.


Multiple platform​ & device support

Our solution works on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, ...) and supports multiple devices (AR, VR, mobile, PC's, ...). 

We always look on the horizon if there is new interesting hardware that we can support with our platform. 

The choice of the hardware heavily depends on the use-case. We look forward to discuss your use case.

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We can run our platform on-premise or in the cloud. We offer a seamless integration with a wide range of services, including ERP, CMS, PLC, and many others.

By integrating with ERP systems, our platform can provide real-time information about inventory levels, production schedules, and other important data

CMS integration allows for easy access to relevant documentation, such as safety protocols, standard operating procedures, and training materials.

PLC integration allows for real-time monitoring and control of production processes, enabling workers to receive immediate feedback and support as they complete tasks. Error codes can be visualized and repaired with procedures linked to that error.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about integration with your system.

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